Sunday, April 05, 2009

On the Verge of Easter

What another lovely week this has been! What another string of beautiful blessings from God! I am beginning to notice that to blog is to reflect, and to reflect is to appreciate. Thank you, God, for making me more aware of all that You do for me!

My weeks at school are absolutely enjoyable. It is because of my wonderful student teacher. I walk into work each day, knowing that not all of the responsibility lies on my shoulders and that there is someone beside me with whom I can share every silly student comment and all the other funny happenings of a school day which now are collecting themselves into my memory. :-)

Outside of school, my social stuff went like this:

Tuesday's weather was spectacularly gorgeous, so when Nate called me up and suggested that we do something outside, how could I resist? So we thew a Frisbee in a park and discussed the struggles of life amid spurts of silliness.

Wednesdays are proving to be such spiritual days for me. Shawn taught yet another wonderful class, and our students seem to be really growing in their faith. We meditated on the Stations of the Cross as we walked around the church, and I was delighted to finally notice that God put my favorite Stations all together: 4, 5, and 6. :-)

I shared with the students how beautiful it is that when Jesus fell the first time, it was his Mother that came to his assistance immediately thereafter, meaning we can rely on her for the same immediate support! In the 5th station, I asked the kids to imagine that St. Simon was asked to carry Christ's cross simply because he was strong and able and not necessarily because he wanted to. I'm sure Simon initially had great reservation and frustration at being asked to perform such a hard duty; but, later, I'm sure he realized the tremendous privilege he had been given to serve God when God needed him most. How beautiful! And the 6th Station, when St. Veronica runs up to Jesus, crying and wiping his face clean with a cloth (only to receive the imprint of Our Lord's face on it), I think about how one of the first relics was inadvertently "made" because of a tremendous act of love. So beautiful!

Then I met Brooke at her adorably quaint St. Richard's Church, where we enjoyed an unexpected Mass in place of what we thought was supposed to be a rehearsal for our roles at the Easter Vigil. She comes into the full Communion of the Church this coming weekend, and I can barely contain my excitement!

That is why this past Saturday I spent the whole afternoon traveling between three Catholic gift shops (each one in a different county). I bought gifts for Brooke's entrance into the Church this coming weekend, for her children's new spiritual education, for my cousin's child's upcoming First Holy Communion, for a man in the Philippines who found my website and requested that I mail him some third class relics, and for Melanie, when I found an unexpected surprise that I knew she would just love.

I bought things joyfully but rather excessively, spending $84.50 on Brown Scapulars alone, figuring that 13 would restock my apartment supply sufficiently, since I like to give them away to friends who visit. If you want one, just ask! :-)