Monday, April 06, 2009

Palm Branches, Brunch, Hiking, & Mass!

On Sunday morning, my Dad picked me up in his cute little Spyder convertible! It was a glorious day for a ride!

But instead of checking the oil before we departed, we lifted the hood to make sure the cooking pots weren't boiling over! Hahaha. I am still so amused by the fact that the car's trunk is in the front. :-)

He got to try my GPS for the first time, and we met up with Mom, Aunt Tess, Uncle Fred, and my adorable 92-year-old grandmother for a lovely Palm Sunday brunch. Appropriately, there happened to be palm trees all over the place!

That afternoon I went hiking with my friend Doug who came into town for a visit! We walked a nice expanse of forest and never once spotted any wildlife! How freaky is that?!

As the day drew to a close, it was time to focus on the Passion of Our Lord. Mass at St. John Neumann's was particularly long, but the reflection was worth it!

After Mass, I met up with my friends Scott & Linda who just had their first child! She was adorable!

And, in case I haven't mentioned it, you can click on any photo in this blog to enlarge it!