Monday, April 06, 2009

Dana's Birthday Party!

On Saturday, we celebrated Dana's 27th birthday!

Sadly, I would miss the kickoff event. I was driving back from the Philadelphia suburbs on the Turnpike, you see, and--letting my mind wander hither and thither--I carelessly missed my exit and let myself wander into another county entirely. Egads!

When I realized my error, I made the necessary phone calls so that everyone would proceed without me. I was so bummed!

Thankfully, we all met up later and had an exceedingly hilarious time, never staying at one place too long.

Stacey sung her heart out at karaoke; Phil and Aaron found themselves getting schooled by me in the ways of secret Masonic handshakes; Chris and another dude stirred the pot by getting themselves lost and making us all nervous; and many pictures were taken, most of which had us looking quite goofy and had me looking quite bad. :-(

Before the night ended, we met up with Lija, Matt, Jen, and Lori who were out celebrating Lori’s birthday!

When the night ended at 2 AM, I took a hot shower and read for several hours before I fell asleep.

Ah, there's nothing like the weekends!!