Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taking Time to Smell the Roses, Mint Leaves, and...My Feet

I sorta promised myself that today would have to be relaxing, since I've been complaining lately that I haven't had time to just sit around and smell the roses.

Well, it was actually fresh mint leaves in a garden that I smelled...but you get the point. ;-)

I stopped by David's house, and so we sat in his backyard, sipping apple juice and soaking in the sunshine.

A mother cardinal and mother robin had each taken up residence in a nearby tree, and the nests were low enough that we could easily peek in and watch the mothers at work! So cute!

David snapped this silly picture of me (emphasizing the hugeness of my feet, of course), and while I did get revenge (by capturing some silly pictures of him), he was adamant that I not put any on this blog. Disassociation is such a drag. :-(

After that, I went to make dinner for Shawn, Matt, and Andy. But, as I unwrapped the ground beef from the wrapper, I was surprised to find that the outside redness was matched with a gray interior, as if it had been cooked or perhaps--more likely--that it had been exposed to air or was starting to become rancid. Ick. And yet I had just bought it like 10 minutes ago!

Two of the three guys told me to just cook it, saying that the heat would burn away any bacteria. But I wasn't feelin' it (and didn't want to, if you know what I mean), and so I drove back to the store, got my money back, and then drove to another store to buy better meat.

By the time we were eating, it was 9:05 PM. And by the time we were digging into the coconut cream pie, it was midnight. Good thing tomorrow's Saturday! :-)