Saturday, October 17, 2009

a girl's best friend

Sometimes a girl should just get a dog.

We would keep each other company, and he'd give me the chance to get out and jog around the neighborhood each day.

If he were a nice size, he would sorta protect me. A medium size would also render him able to easily wear most dog sweaters and raincoats.

I'd have someone to play with when I'm doing yard work or shoveling snow, and I could take him to a dog park on Saturday afternoons. Maybe he'd meet a nice girl and I'd chat with a nice guy.

His tail would probably bang into stuff, and I'd always have to worry about him gulping down one of my shellac-covered cupcakes.

His nose would be wet and I'm sure his tongue would stretch out and wanna lick me sometimes, but I would enroll him in doggie school and expect nothing less than stellar behavior from him.

I would clip his toe nails, carry a pooper scooper, and love him with my whole heart.

Do you think I should do it?