Monday, November 23, 2009

Flyleaf Concert in Philly!!!

Saturday was a blast!

Mike came down from Connecticut again, and--after a quick Thanksgiving dinner with my parents at the adorable church across the street from my house--we zoomed off to Philadelphia to see Flyleaf in concert!

St. Philomena simply HAS to be the patron saint of those in need of a parking space. When we got to South Street, my beloved parking garage was unexpectedly out-of-order. We drove in circles around the city, desperate for a spot in which we could hopefully parallel park, our eyes nervously watching the dashboard clock, hoping that we wouldn't miss the first song of their set.

But then I remembered how my friend Melanie and I called upon St. Philomena's intercession the last time we were in Philly and in need of a spot. Melanie giggled and explained that since St. Philomena is so little known, perhaps she's hanging out in Heaven with nothing to do and wouldn't mind interceding for us!

And so that's just what I did.

Literally, within a few seconds of asking for her saintly help, there was an open spot! Thank you, Jesus!

Having a right-next-to-the-club spot was literally priceless, for a quarter was jammed into the parking meter slot, rendering payment impossible. We jumped out of the car, joined the line of concert-goers, and successfully planted ourselves rather close to the stage, in a perfect position to see them up-close.

The show was fantastic, as their live sets always are! Lacey wore a beautiful red dress and spoke to us about how Jesus saved her from a life of depression and near-suicide. She also told us that the stories of our lives are just as important and miraculous as hers.

They closed their set with "Arise," where Lacey stopped singing and the entire crowd of us sung the lyrics instead:

"Arise and be,
all the you dreamed,
all that you dreamed!"

I love when an artist's lyrics are uplifting and inspirational. Thank you, Flyleaf, for a wonderful night!