Saturday, November 07, 2009

Prayers Absolutely Work

Lest you doubt it, this blog is tell you that prayers indeed do work!

Last month, I finally admitted to my parents that I was experiencing true depression and anxiety -- and that it had been a heavy cross I was carrying for 2 years. The burden was heavier at times to shoulder than at other times, but it had always been with me since I turned 28.

My parents were amazed, saying I had successfully fooled them, for they had no idea I was suffering. This is the condition of people perceived to be perpetually happy, and while I am thankful that most people see me that way, when you are not feeling so happy, it is difficult to act any different than the way you know people are used to seeing you.

The amazing thing is that--as soon as I swallowed my pride and informed my family and more of my friends of this condition--I was scooped up by their prayers and was truly brought to happiness. It happened very quickly that my load was lightened; perhaps the whole process took about 3 days or so, from the first moment it came out of my lips till the moment where I felt the burden completely lifted.

A whole month has passed from that time, and I couldn't be happier right now. There is a direct correlation between their prayers for me and my sustenance from God. He listens and truly DOES want to help us. And our prayers truly ARE more effective when we join together in saying them. Perhaps God has it this way so that we would learn the benefit of fellowship.

Please, if any of you are suffering from anything--no matter how small--tell me to pray for you, and I will. You deserve the same benefit from prayer in your life!

When we admit our weaknesses and ask to lean on the people around us, God smiles and provides. I think it may to be to teach us the lesson that happiness in this life cannot be achieved in isolation and that we need to support each other on the way to eternal happiness!

It takes immense courage to offer to help spiritually carry another person's burdens, but I do believe we can each be set free from our chains by helping to "undo" what chains down another.