Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Hole in My Theory, a Red Dot on My Face

I'm breaking out.

There's a big red dot on my cheek, and a few little small ones on my chin. Goodness.

It doesn't make any sense because I've been sticking to my No Soap Policy, which I've been successfully holding onto for almost 2 years now, I think.

The policy is a result of the No Soap Theory, a radical idea that friends put in my head, saying that the skin on my face will naturally repair itself and keep itself pure if I just didn't interfere the surface with the presence of soap. All has been well until just recently.

Why the sudden influx of little red spots?

I guess it's due to lack-of-sleep. I've been getting very little lately, returning to my ways of old. And while my body certainly doesn't thank me for it, my mental outlook does. The more active I am, the happier I seem to be. No sleep = plenty of fun!

So, as I look in the mirror and see these little red dots, I'm given humility and reminded of how thankful I am for this life.