Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Apology to My Mailman

I took a little shortcut when I plowed and shoveled snow this past weekend.

I decided to completely avoid shoveling my front walkway, figuring I would just make use of my side door instead (pictured below left, before I shoveled) since that is usually how I come and go out of this little house.

Days passed, and I thought nothing of it. If anything, I thought I was mildly clever for skipping something that I didn't have to do in order to save time.

Then suddenly, half-way through this week, it dawned on me: I had completely forgotten about my mailman!

Indeed, he had been loyally trudging through the snow to deliver my mail to my front step everyday, as evidenced by his boot marks.

And this was quite a bit of snow he was trudging through each day. Goodness, I hope his boots were TALL ones!

Overwhelmed with guilt, I gave him a Christmas card apology note, along with some homemade cookies.

Please forgive me, Mr. Mailman! And keep delivering my mail!