Saturday, December 26, 2009

Appreciating the Things That I Thought Didn't Matter

God has been teaching me lately that I should savor the little things that I used to think were just trivial.

Take Christmas lights, for example.

This year, once again, I didn't put up a tree or hang lights around my house because--when I assessed my productivity rate for completion of other tasks verses the time wasted on a such a past time--I figured it wasn't worth it. It is as if I have become an efficiency expert, always assessing productivity and the hindrances to it.

My goodness, who on earth thinks this way, outside of the realm of work?!

Unfortunately, I do...and so, I am vowing to STOP.

So this week, I've let myself take pleasure in the things that I formerly dismissed as not really mattering. When Macy and I go on our walks at night, I savor every Christmas light that I see, knowing that somebody hung them for my benefit without even being sure who I was, let alone if I would take the time to actually fully appreciate them.

Thank you, dear Jesus, for awakening in my heart a love for the little things that I formerly didn't notice. Please always keep me this way!