Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rockabilly Night!!

So my friend James came down from New York City, and we decided to go out as a rockabilly couple for the night!

I was insanely excited to finally get dressed up as a 1950s housewife with a twist. It's a look I've always wanted to try!

What I love about the genre is that it's edgy yet doesn't compromise a girl's femininity. Other genres, such as traditional punk rock or even gothic, do. Even a raver look dampers a girl's femininity by the excessive youthfulness of it all.

The rockabilly get-up is the perfect balance of traditional gender roles mixed with a spirited flair. Unlike most fashion genres, the clothing is conservative, whereas the person within them is not. This is opposite every other genre I can think of, and indeed this sets it apart as my absolute favorite.

I, of course, am still Miss Catherine Conservative, but it's still fun to experiment. Yes, I've always dabbled in this sort of fun. :)

So, when James arrived, we dilly-dallied taking crazy pictures in my little 1950s kitchen. James even posed for the camera holding some of my vintage appliances. I posed with everything but the kitchen sink. (Wait; now that I think about it, I posed with that, too!)

Then, once we were super late so as to surely be the last ones to arrive and crash the party, off we went.

Unbeknown to us, the band members from August Burns Red were in attendance, and this we learned by way of an excited guy named Connor who came up to borrow our ash tray.

On the drive home, we decided to re-fuel with an early breakfast at the Waffle House. There we learned that late-night diner cooks and waitresses are particularly chatty when its 2:30 AM, for they just about sat in the booth with us, rendering our own conversation nearly impossible.

What an amusing, very fun night. :)

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