Monday, January 04, 2010

Be as a Child

After a lot of prayers, I have decided that my goal for the year 2010 is to be as a child.

I want to dream more and wish more... I want to laugh blissfully and hold joyfully onto mile-high ideals.

I will delight in simple things, treasure the small details, excitedly watch the horizon, and anticipate the future with giant boatloads of wonder and awe.

God has already given me the gift of a prolonged youth with my state in life.

Rather than be sad that I am still a girl by herself, it is time now that I fully embrace it, realizing that this vocation--even as it is, presently--is meant to be the fullness of who I am, for right now.

Thank you, God, for a continued childhood. May I fully experience all that You have waiting for me in 2010.