Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Blubberous Nebula of Cold Weather Clothes

I really ought to dress more nicely when I go out for walks with Macy.

There seems to be a good number of men my age who are out jogging at the same time we are.

I find myself bashfully wanting to hide behind trees and bushes when one is headed in my direction.

Sometimes I'll quickly turn Macy down a side street, so as to avoid an encounter.

Fortunately, I'm just about completely unrecognizable, due to the fact that I'm overly bundled up.

Conversation is not possible anyhow, so I shouldn't be so worried. My ears are so covered that I wouldn't be able to hear anything said to me anyhow, plus my lips are tucked away beneath 3 layers (a sweatshirt, coat collar, and scarf), so it's not like I could be heard.

But, rather than be this blubberous nebula of cold weather clothes, I probably ought to look a little more put together.

One runner snuck up behind me this morning and said hello as he quickly passed. Macy jumped in surprise, and I had to fiddle with my drooping hat before I could actually see who it was who that was talking to me, and by this point, he was well ahead of us.

Even the girls that run in the neighborhood look all sporty and cool. Why do I have to be the girl that looks like the abominable snowman?!

Maybe I should shed my huge puffer coat and stop wearing the ugly hat that I got for Christmas back in 6th grade. I bet I could run faster if I wore real sneakers instead of snow boots!