Saturday, January 23, 2010

Of Campfires & Flashlights

I'm soooo in the mood to go camping.

It's especially fun when you've got a jolly group of people along with you. I love when I see a circle of tents, all happy together around a smoldering campfire. You can imagine that, just a few hours before, the whole bunch of them were out roasting marshmallows or something.

Hippies camp all the time. They play their guitars and jump around, doing tricks with those cute little sewn hacky sacks.

The best is when you've got someone special to camp with. The world slows down for a weekend, and the only distractions among you are the rustling of the wind in the trees or the foibles of setting up that tent properly.

I wanna go camping
And hike through the woods with my dog.
I wanna wear flannel with someone
And cook food over a tiny propane grill.

We'll hang my wet socks out to dry on the limb of a tree. We'll carry a flashlight and walk together to the latrine before bed. I'll realize that I forgot to pack something important, and he'll remind me that I'll be fine without it. And he'll be right.

Maybe I'll get to go camping soon. Or maybe I won't. It's whatever God wants, but He does let me dream. :)