Monday, January 11, 2010

A Call to Be Joyful

I realized something this week.

I am called to be ALWAYS JOYFUL and NEVER SAD.

Can you believe it? God NEVER wants me to be sad!

At first, I found this an odd thing to hear God telling me in the quiet of my heart when I was praying.

How could He not want me to experience sadness? Isn't life about picking up your cross and carrying it? Isn't life about enduring hardships? Don't we all have burdens? Didn't Jesus tell us that the world would not accept us because it did not accept Him? Don't we believe that this life is full of suffering and that our only true joy can be found when we are with Him in Heaven?

So why would I feel Jesus telling me that I am called to be joyful and NEVER sad?

As I thought about it further, I realized that He was right, as He always is. (Duh!)

While I may certainly experience difficulties and sufferings in this life, if I align my heart truly to His and if I am completely and always aware of the truth of being His child, then I can endure all my trials with complete JOY. I should only be too happy to experience some of His suffering.

It is this to which we are called, and this is indeed the experience of Heaven on earth!