Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Lays an Egg!

On January 9th, Meek (the daughter of Pure and Innocent, who I lovingly call "Baby" now) laid her first egg! And, two days later, she laid her second!

Even though her eggs are not fertile, she has that beautiful, motherly glow that her mother Pure has when she's sitting on eggs.

Baby and her brother (Mild) were hatched this past June it took her 7 months to reach maturity.

Here's a picture of Baby with her mother Pure back when she was just a youngin'...and when we lived in my apartment. Even when she was old enough to eat seeds on her own, she always squeaked and begged her parents to continue to feed her. Such a cute baby!

Congratulations, Baby!! And even though you're all grown up now, your name shall stick. :)