Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Delicates.

Sometime last week, I washed my white delicates.

By these I mean dainty or highly-specialized things, like the sort of undergarments that only we girls wear.

Mine usually tangle themselves up together in a mischievous knot, with the hooks of one linked into the lace of another. It's a puzzle to get them apart.

So, to pull them out of the washing machine is a bit of a task. And to untangle them requires time.

So last weekend, when I was off and running, I honestly FORGOT about this load of laundry, sitting clean and wet in the washing machine.

My girls sat there all week, in fact, until I began to notice that my bra drawer was lacking a very basic color: white.

When I remembered and found them, they were all huddled together at the base of my washing machine in a dry, solid clump.

Everyone made it out safely except for one bra, whose figure was contorted and deformed from the strange position in which she dried. Half of her one side was bent over with such firm decision that I could not reshape her at all.

Even when I tried to put the thing on, the bra literally was jumping away from my body instead of wanting to hug me. Indeed, my neglect had caused me to lose a good friend, one whom I used to rely on for protection and support.

So sad!! Who knew that forgetting to take your laundry out of the washing machine would be so tragic!