Saturday, January 23, 2010

Plans for My Canine

As I've told you, my personal theme for 2010 is to "be as a child" and to "dream."

So it's no wonder that I've let lovely little dreams sneak into my head. :)

This dream is for my dog Macy: I'd love her to be a nationally-registered therapy dog.

If she passes the test, she'll be registered with Therapy Dog International (TDI).

Wow, I guess that means she will have international status! We could go anywhere in the WORLD to help people! :)

Her therapy dog jacket was delivered this afternoon. Of course, nothing's official until she has the little registration card to fit in the clear pocket.

Our goal is to get that little registration card sometime this summer. First, she'll have to graduate from doggie training school, knowing the basic commands of sit, lay, stay, and come. Then I'll have to take her a testing facility to complete the following tasks satisfactorily:

I. Accepts a Friendly Stranger
II. Sits Politely for Petting
III. Permits Grooming & Examination by a Stranger
IV. Walks Calmly on a Leash
V. Walks Calmly Through a Crowd of People
VI. Responds to the Commands of Sit, Lay, and Stay
VII. Comes when Called
VIII. Friendly Toward Other Dogs
IX. Ignores Trash & Food on Sidewalk when Told to "Leave It" by Owner
X. Comfortable Around Someone with Infirmities (such as Walking Unevenly, Coughing Loudly, or Breathing Heavily)
XI. Endures Absence of Owner for 3 Minutes without Barking or Crying
XII. Willingness to Say Hello to a Stranger
XIII. Friendly Toward Children

Pray for Macy that she may graduate from doggie school successfully (when I enroll her this June) and that she may pass the TDI Test in July! If she does, then we will be regular visitors to the nursing home that's very close to my house! :)