Friday, January 29, 2010

The Holiness of Infancy

Tonight I held the most adorable baby girl.

I had gone to the new parishioner dinner at my church across the street.

My friend Anne was part of the welcoming committee, and tonight she had her precious Lily with her.

I rarely ask to hold babies. I've blogged before about how I don't want to come between the child and mother, how I'm eagerly hoping that God will give me the gift of my own baby some day, and how I try to wait patiently, even when the waiting hurts.

But Anne must have seen the longing in my eyes because she definitely asked -- and I eagerly accepted. Once Lily was in my arms, my entire being felt blessed. She was so beautiful, so sinless, so full of purity and innocence. Her entire countenance beamed with the afterglow of having recently been in God's presence, as all newborns do. She was all made of love!

Holding this beautiful baby inspired my heart to swell with even more love for God, Our Creator, and I found myself full-heartedly never wanting to sin--even in the least bit--ever again.

I wanted to cry tears of happiness, rejoicing how wonderful babies are, how their sinless existence is the assurance of God's fatherly presence and the generosity of his ever-loving, creative heart.

When I see the holiness that a cherub like this embodies--with her baptismal robe still unstained by the sins of this world--I want to fall on my knees and thank God for this gentle gift of great inspiration. He renews all things and breathes new life into us again, again, and again.

I feel the love for Baby most acutely in my being. How could this not be a mother's heart which God has placed within me?