Monday, February 01, 2010

Lives Changed By Christ

Praise God for wonderful friends!

This weekend Andrea came over for a sleepover! She is the first guest I've ever had sleep over at my house, and it was incredibly exciting to play host!

When she arrived on Saturday afternoon, we we went across the street to attend Mass at St. James. When we got back, I gave her a tour of my house and then we walked Macy in the bitter, freezing cold.

We had dinner at the darling of all cute cafes, my beloved Prince Street Cafe, where the food is organic, the recipes are a secret, the wi-fi is abundant, and hipster fashions and nose rings are prevalent.

I could talk to this girl forever, and this we just about did -- covering everything from our love for international travel to our voting strategies in the political my wonderful friend Shawn, whom she's dating and looks absolutely adorable with. :)

The next morning, Andrea and I met up with Dana and went to Lives Changed By Christ, a cool non-denominational church that I've periodically been attending for the last 5 years or so.

Their services do not at all replace the Catholic Mass for me, and the missing Presence of Our Jesus in the Eucharist is an obvious missing element. But, I enjoy worshiping and learning about God with all Christians, and so attending one of their services periodically can be a lot of fun.

I've also met a treasure trove of wonderful friends through LCBC in the last few years, so going always means running into people I know.

After the service, Dana, Andrea, and I went to visit Shawn at work in the mall. We girls did a little shopping (with Shawn in tow), and then I went home to meet up with my friend John. Together we went into my classroom (with Macy, of course!) and packed up my room for the prospects of my new classroom in the new middle school!!