Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Me & My Dog :)

I'm finding out that Macy and I have more in common than I thought.

Aside from the fact that we've both had our share of lonesomeness and depression, this golden girl and I share the following characteristics:

  • Sometimes she's athletic and full of energy. At other times, she just wants to lay around and snuggle. (That dichotomy is me also!)
  • She has a patch of dry skin on her right arm, and so do I. (I just noticed it tonight, in fact, and I'm kinda freaked out, hoping I didn't contract something from her.)
  • She doesn't like to walk in the snow unless she has on booties. (Me too!)
  • She doesn't like to walk in the rain unless she wears her raincoat! (Me too!)
  • When she gets excited, she can't hold still. Her whole body wiggles! (Same thing happens to me!)
  • She likes to jump back into her warm bed after our morning walk around the neighborhood. (I always have the exact same agenda!)
  • She gets her period, and she likes men. (Same here!)
  • She goes nuts when you simply say her name. (When someone calls me "Lisa Lynne," I become like a child, full of eagerness and excitement -- for no reason other than the fact that it was said!)
  • She gets overly excited to see people. (I'm the same way, but I reign it in, so as to appear more like a human than a dog.)
  • She gets knots in her hair sometimes. (I do, too.)
  • When she drinks water, the sound of her gulping is rather loud. (I've been told that my thirsty consumption of water is particularly noisy.)
  • She prefers turf over surf. (I'm not much into seafood, either.)
  • When she eats cookies, she gets crumbs EVERYWHERE. (Have you ever seen ME eat?)
  • She can't poop on command. The process takes patience, privacy, and persuasive thought. And sometimes she'll skip a day. (All this is me, too!)
  • She's a sucker for physical affection and wants it all the time. (Me, too! Me, too!)

But there's one major difference between us: She can burp and I can't. :-(