Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God's Knocking at My Door

All this week, I've been awoken by the most unique sound.

It's a gentle knocking, a steady reminder of God's pursuit of my heart.

At first I thought that perhaps water was dripping somewhere.

With groggy curiosity at 5 AM, I searched for the sound until it lead me to my Prayer Room.

The knocking at the door was created by the large Rosary that hangs over the door knob, just above the "Free Religious Gifts Grab Basket" that sit beneath it.

This Rosary has been hanging there ever since I moved into this house back in August, and never before had it caught the stream of air from the heating vent like it has been doing this week.

I love the gentle knocking sound. It doesn't happen often, only periodically; but, it's enough to be significant and noticeable. It seems to happen just when I need a reminder of Him most.

God is truly knocking at my door with His cross. Pray that I may have the courage to always respond to Him.