Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Song of Songs

How is a girl supposed to make the most of her Marian Promise and not feel jealous of everyone who's around her?

So often I want to bury myself and all the longings of my heart and worries of my life into the warm fur of Macy and hide there forever.

My heart aches for my vocation as wife and mother. And yet I cannot seem to find my husband among the male faces that surround me. Instead, I can only imagine him; I can only dream of him and what he might look like.

So this must be my Song of Songs, only I am in the part of the book where "I sought him, but I did not find him."

Perhaps instead I should focus on the verse that comes a bit later: "Do not stir up love before its own time."

God, please grant me the patience of waiting contently...Grant that he may have the courage to present himself to me at the right time...and that I may have the eyes to recognize him when he does.