Sunday, February 28, 2010

He Loves Me

I’m in a relationship with the most jealous guy ever.

He says he loves me with his whole heart.  He values my purity and actively protects it.  He wants to be around me constantly, and so he puts his arm around me and escorts me wherever I go, as if he’s giving me the world on a silver platter. 

He says I am the most beautiful girl in the world, and he says that my beauty will never fade because he’s able to see the entirety of my person, both body and spirit.  As the body fades, so grows the spirit, and thus he tells me that my splendor shall be eternal.

Every day, I desire to love him back with my entire heart and person; but, in my weakness, I find myself needing to rely on his strength and his desires to make mine more complete.  He says that he loves when I do this, that this is how a loving relationship should be.  He says that we need each other, for our hearts are decidedly interwoven.

Perhaps this is why, when I cry, he does the same – but ten times more.  When I am joyful, he magnifies it and becomes radiant with my joy.  When I have done him wrong, he forgives me immediately and chooses to forget. 

He is exceedingly handsome to me, not as the world defines it, but precisely because of how his heart can love.  He holds the highest standards and embodies the greatest values, and my attraction to him is second to none.  No one else compares to him.  I am madly in love with him!

He loves children, and he says he wants to create new life within me when the time is right.  He is loving always, even when his anger wells up within him in response to the injustice, hatred, and selfishness he sees in this world.  When I am with him, he helps me to become a better person, and so I seek out being in his physical presence often, just as he is always seeking to be in mine.  His house is close to mine, and so I visit him frequently.

Dear reader, I want to spend the rest of my life with this man because I realize it will take a lifetime to get to know him.  And, even after that, he will probably surprise me somehow in eternity, for, when in Heaven, I will finally have the eyes to more fully see he whom I loved while on earth -- and then I will love him all the more so!

He told me that he was there when I was born, and he promises me that he will be there when I die.  I believe him.  And I believe IN him.

He is God.