Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Gift Found on the Altar

I often like to attend 9 PM Mass at Franklin & Marshall College.  I appreciate the late hour, how confession is made available during the hour preceding Mass, how the priest's homily is geared to us young adults, and how all of us are in comfy sweatpants.  I'm obviously not a student, but people are starting to recognize me by my attendance, and Father surely recognizes me from confession!

This past Sunday night, I got to the chapel 30 minutes early, just to spend some quiet time with Jesus.  After a while, a man who assists the priest asked if I would be willing to lector.  As I began to form my lips into the response of, "Thank you, but I would like to pass," I found myself saying "Yes!" and acknowledging that it would be good practice for me, since in the coming weeks I will lector at the little church across the street from my house.

Thankfully, there were no difficult words to pronounce, and I managed to not trip over my own feet when I ascended and descended from the altar.  But little did I realize... God had left a little gift for me to pick up, there on the altar.  :)

Indeed, this gift was the Scripture Itself that I was asked to read.  The First Reading was from Deuteronomy Chapter 26, the very same chapter that Jesus presented me with back on December 4th, the one that speaks of Our God hearing our cries for help, rescuing us from our oppressors, and that the "first fruits" should be given to Him in thanksgiving! 

What a beautiful connection to the imagery that God has given me with all of the verses He has presented to me in the last year!  And indeed, it has been a YEAR!  I cannot believe that this coming March 29th will be one year since God so beautifully began speaking to me about my Marian Promise by way of the Bible and through the imagery of a field being prepared for growth.  Thank you, God, for this little gift which I found up on the altar!