Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I have this terrible habit of staying in the bathroom too long.

It's not that I'm using the facilities.

It's just that I'm sitting on the closed toilet lid, with my computer on my lap and the little heater running hot beside me.

I stay in here because it's the coziest place on earth. And it's the only place that I can get warm. Everywhere else is all spacious, drafty, and cold. Brr.

The trouble is that Macy can't squeeze in here with me. She does come into the bathroom when I'm first here, but to exit, she has to walk out backwards (which makes me giggle every time).

And while she would probably prefer to stay with her head resting on my lap, the intensive output from the space heater is too much for her and her thick coat of fur.

And, even if she could endure the sauna-like temperature, my computer takes up all my lap space anyhow. Poor girl!

So, on these cold winter nights after school, my furry friend and I are in separate rooms -- and that pangs my heart. :(