Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pray for My Wings

These are the angel wings that hang on my bedroom door.

I got them several months ago because I thought they were pretty, and I believed that their gentle presence would elevate my thoughts Heavenward.

I love them, but now I am looking at them with an entirely new purpose--and one filled with urgency: Could they possibly help me fly, as the angels do?

I am considering alternative forms of transportation because my beloved Jetta is on her deathbed, my mechanic sadly reported this afternoon. Her entire transmission needs to be rebuilt, and this pricey operation would cost more than the car itself.

I've thought about not replacing her (indeed, she is irreplaceable!), mostly because I haven't got the cash to buy a new car.

If I didn't have a car, I'd have to walk to work, but this I feel I could do with ease, now that Macy and I are accustomed to trekking all over the neighborhood.

I could even walk to the grocery store, since there's one rather close.

And I could still make it to Sunday Mass, since my church is just across the street.

The only place I couldn't get to on my own would be the bank, but it's not like they have anything of mine that I could ask for! Hahaha.

Please pray for me and my ability to get around! These wings simply have to work...