Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Search for the Best Dog Food Continues

All this time, I thought Macy was eating the best dog food possible.

I was feeding her Wellness Senior Mix, the brand being ranked #2 on  The only brand before it was Orijen, and this formula was protein only and totally free of grains, which--according to my research--is great for active working dogs but puts unnecessary strain on the major organs of a typical house dog.

So Macy has been eating Wellness for two solid months now, but her droppings are anything but solid.  Most likely, the probiotics in the formula are giving her too much of the good bacteria that her innards are already well-stocked with.

And so, it's back to the drawing board!  My methodology for procuring the best dog food for Macy shall be:

1. Intensive research on each brand's ingredient list
2. Whether or not she finds the taste pallatable
3. The results of her droppings

My plan is to conduct my research on every subsequent weekend.  On Saturday, I will observe her interest as she consumes a new brand.  On Sunday, I will examine her poop.  During the week, she'll continue to eat Wellness until it is gone.

If you have any suggestions, Macy and I are all ears!

Here's two pictures of what we'll be starting and ending with!