Sunday, March 07, 2010

My New Classroom! :)

The move into my new classroom went exceedingly well.  I've been teaching in my new digs for the last 2 or 3 weeks now! 

I feel so refreshed as an educator, and my room is organized, shiny, clean, spacious, and now, finally decorated!

We've been told that we have the BMW of all classrooms!  I can plug my iPod directly into the wall and let my students enjoy surround-sound music, using the speakers that are mounted up in the ceiling.  The SmartBoard is huge and awesome!  We've even got cable TV, and my homeroom kids will often watch game shows on the big screen in the afternoon while they're waiting for their bus to arrive.

Here are some recent photos to share with you!  Remember that you can click on any photo to see it enlarged!  :)

The first photo was taken on the day that I moved into my new classroom.  My wonderful father spent the whole day with me, helping me to move!  I had something like 80 boxes to move!

The second photo is of the bulletin board I created, just outside of my room.  Doesn't it get you excited about math???  :)

The third photo is of me pointing to my new classroom, back in the Fall when the construction was still underway.  I feel so lucky to have gotten a classroom that is visible when you look at the front of the building!  And I love the view out my windows!

And the last photo made it into our local newspaper! 

On the day of the old school's auction, I snuck back into my old classroom and wrote on the chalkboard, "Good-bye, old classroom!  Thanks for the memories!"

A newspaper reporter happened to walk by my room and caught me writing this message on the blackboard.  He interviewed me, and then my words and the photo appeared in the local paper!  Hehe!

The auction at the old school began early in the morning and lasted until very late at night.  People bought everything from our cafeteria lunch trays to the faucets in the bathroom. 

I managed to save two chunks of my old classroom blackboards before they were sold or destroyed.  One piece is the size of a dinner plate, and I wrote (with chalk) my name and new classroom number on it.  It sits proudly in a spot in my new classroom.  The other piece is smaller, and I use it as a paperweight.

Thank you, God, for the blessing of this beautiful new school building and classroom.  I hope that, within its walls, we create many lasting memories!