Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Band Practice Continues

Sundays are my new favorite day.

We have band practice in the afternoon, and it usually lasts until the evening.

This past Sunday, we practiced for 7 hours.  The time before that, we were together for something crazy like 9 or 10 hours!

Not all of our time together is making music.  Often we're on YouTube, trying to plan which covers we should practice before we start writing music of our own.

Or, we're on Google, trying to secure the correct tablature and print the lyrics.  And, of course, we always seem to be eating.  :)

There is a special social dynamic a girl experiences when she's in a band.  These are my brothers in Christ, and they're seeing me for exactly who I am: a girl with flaws, weaknesses, fears, and inadequacies.

There are no secrets here.  They hear me when I hit the wrong notes...they see when my house is messy...they trudge through tall grass when I haven't yet cut my lawn...and they even come over when I have no food in my refrigerator to serve.

Yes, I feel like I'm with a band of my brothers...like we're all family or something. 

This means that getting on each other's nerves is to be expected, that disagreements will be inevitable, that inside jokes will soon abound, and that our loyalty toward one another will keep us committed. 

It also means that each one of us brings a special gift to the table.  John gives us the gift of his top-of-the-line sound equipment, his knowledge of how instruments should work together, and also the gift of his leadership.

Greg brings humor to our conversations, melody the music, a willingness to be flexible, and he enjoys harmonzing with my vocals.

Zac is a powerful drive in our band, and his energy will be reigned in to forge us ahead.

Mike is an energetic drummer, overflowing with enthusiasm and a willingness to serve.

I supply the garage and try to bring gentleness and encouragement.  I also think I had the vision, and--unbeknown to them--I already have tentative arrangements for our first venue, whenever we're ready for it, even if it's not for another year or two.  (When I finally tell them, I know they'll be terribly excited to hear of my connection to a great place!)

This time we had spectators watching us:  Chris traveled from Harrisburg to watch us, and Tim came from Lancaster.

I loved singing into my new Shure microphone.  John gave it to me as a surprise gift last week.  It's a $200 mic, so I can be a mile away from it, and it still picks up every little sound!!

Thank you, Jesus, for this adventure.  Guide us with Your will and develop our talents to serve You!