Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Night's Dinner at Ciro's Italian Bistro

So last night was a ton of fun!

A few weeks ago, I had posted an invent on the Lancaster Young Adult Catholics group page on Facebook, suggesting that we all come together mid-week for a little dinner party to break up the monotony of our weekly work schedules.

At last count, there's 75 of us in the group, but people typically pick and choose the events they're able to attend.  As a result, the crowd is often a new combination of familiar faces.

So, last night, 10 of my friends came together for food, fellowship, and fun.  We met at Ciro's Bistro and feasted on delicious Italian cuisine!

I found myself telling a lot of stories, which was incredibly fun (and hopefully somewhat entertaining for those who had to listen to them).  At least, it must have been entertaining for somebody because I later learned that one of us had used an iPhone to record sound bites and video clips of our conversations!  Goodness!

Was blackmail the motivation?

Fortunately, it was not: Chris was merely laying down audio tracks for the enjoyment of our dear friend Clare who is blind and could not attend.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the audio tracks of our dinner conversation must be worth...however many words we actually said!  Haha.

We were having so much fun by the end of the night that I dare say we were a tad rowdy as we ate our gelato for dessert!!  :)