Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Wonderfully Awesome, Totally Amazing Parents!

My goodness!  God really did bless me with incredible parents.  I love them so much.  No matter how old I grow, I find myself needing them just as much as I did when I was younger.  The only difference is the way in which I need them.  It is so beautiful, really.  I will always need my parents.  And I'm so glad of that!  :)

A few weeks ago, I was stressing greatly due to all my responsibilities, both inside and outside of school.  I cried on the phone to Mom, saying how there just wasn't enough hours in the day for me to do all that I needed to.  As a result, my dishes weren't getting washed, my laundry wasn't getting done, and my "home life" was suffering.

So, the next day, Mom and Dad came over after school and blessed me so richly!  They immediately started doing things for me around my house.  They arrived shortly after I got home from school, and they stayed until about 10 PM.  After they left, I jotted down everything that I could remember that they did for me.  I was astounded by how long the list was!

Here it is:

1. First, they served me a hot dinner!  They actually loaded up Mom's delicious cooking and put it into a travel case, along with a ceramic brick to keep things hot!  Then, after I chowed down, Mom started assembling everything into neat little containers so that I would have leftovers to enjoy the next day!

2. Then they WASHED ALL MY DISHES!  And I mean that quite literally.  I didn't have a single dish left in my cupboard.  They were ALL dirty (although I had rinsed them previously, so they certainly looked clean).  They were all stacked beside my sink, aching to be dunked in soapy water!  And this they did for me!

3. Then they DRIED all my dishes, silverware, and glasses and restocked my cupboards!

4.  Then Dad gathered up and took out my trash!

5.  Mom then did laundry, ran the drier, and folded all my towels and washcloths!

6.  Mom even swept up my living room floor!

7.  Dad helped me clean my birdcage.

8.  Mom walked my dog Macy.

9.  Dad fixed my broken vaccum cleaner.

10.  Mom collected all the envelopes I was intending to mail and promised to take them to the post office the following day!

11.  Mom checked over my taxes, redid all the calculations, and confirmed that everything was right.

12.  Dad fixed my broken screen door.

13.  Dad emptied the water out of the dehumidifyer in my basement.

14.  Mom took my overdue library book, saying she'd return it for me the following day.

15.  Dad hid ant cups around my kitchen, so as to catch the little buggers that began invading my space as soon as the weather got warm!

16.  Then Dad replaced the burned-out light bulb outside my front door.

17.  Dad transferred all the contents in my car to their car, for I was going to be borrowing theirs, since my car had to go into the shop for repair.

18.  And then, fianlly, after about 7 hours of hard work, they left in my car at 10:30 PM, saying they'd drive it to the shop the following morning so that it could be repaired. 

Incredible.  Thank you, God, for the two greatest blessings of my life!