Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Night for Life

So here's one of the things I need to catch you up on, dear reader!

I recently had the privilege of attending the Night for Life, a benefit dinner and auction held in the beautiful Trenton Country Club.

I was invented to attend by the King's Men, a fraternal organization who promotes the dignity of women by shutting down the degrading companies that try to objectify us.

The monies we raised benefited pro-life agencies in Bucks County.  There was a silent auction, a Chinese auction, and a traditional, fast-talking verbal auction, where fancy things were sold for rather high prices!  There was about 350 people in attendance, more than double the attendance of last year, they said.

My girlfriends and I had so much fun dressing up beforehand!  My friend Shana and I actually got ready in a nearby mall bathroom, and then we did a little shopping (while all gussied up!) to find the perfect, pretty accessories for our dresses.

But before attending the dinner, we gallivanted around my friend Salvatore's Catholic gift shop--called the Ave Maria Shop--which was close by.  He's such an awesome, unconventional Catholic and an amazing friend.  The next day, I got to see my old college friend Fred, who happens to also live in Morrisville.  Such a small world!

I didn't buy anything at the auction, but I did come home with a precious little baby, which is the actual size of a 12-week old.  My arms and heart instinctively and immediately reached out for his little, shivering body when I saw him laying on the edge of a promotion table.  Holding him when I pray for the unborn will make the urgency of my prayers all the more real to me.