Monday, April 12, 2010

Purple Flowers in the Field

I am soooo thankful to live where I do. 

And yet, I appreciate all this knowing full well that my God can choose--in an instant--to put me somewhere else, if He so leads me. 

And I know that I will be happy wherever He places me because happiness is not so much about location as it is about a state of being.

But, for now, while I am here, I'm going to tell you how much I love this!

I snapped this picture of Macy and me on our afternoon walk the other day.  We were coming home from my classroom mid-week, for we had gone there together so that I could finish up some work. 

To walk from school to home, we literally get to walk through FIVE beautiful fields.  These are much more entertaining to both of us than to simply stay on the sidewalk.  Four of the five fields are adjacent to one another, and the one pasture borders my property, making it sooo convenient and beautiful!

We walked through a field of purple flowers the other day, and I couldn't resist taking this picture.  A pretty white fence separates two of the fields, and there's this adorable little abandoned farm house that sits in the middle of it.  There are so many lovely places on the property where I hope to have a picnic this summer, and thankfully the owners of the property (the adult children of the woman who once lived there who died) said that I can walk Macy there whenever I want!  :)