Friday, May 14, 2010

4,390 Classes + 650 Students = 1 Exhausted Teacher :)

Today I decided to count how many math classes I've taught, not including any teaching I did during college and not including the 4 years after college, when I was a Support Instructor. 

I also decided to count how many total students I've influenced, again discounting any students I taught prior to being an official math teacher.  I became a math teacher in 2005, and this is my 5th year of teaching.

According to my calculations, today--at this moment--I have taught exactly 4,390 classes.  Since each class is 42 minutes long, that means I've been teaching a total of 175,600 minutes or about 2,927 hours...which is like teaching constantly for 122 days without taking a break.

I have helped form the mathematical skills of about 650 students!  Wow.  :)

No wonder I don't have any plans on a Friday night.  I'm too exhausted!