Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going Without

So...my Internet disappeared over a week ago.

My withdrawal symptoms initially included restlessness, tremors, cold sweats, spiking fevers, dry mouth, blurred vision, and loss of appetite.

In desperation for my fix, I spent the good part of last Saturday enduring a boring session of trouble-shooting with a rather grumpy technician...which, as you might expect, got me nowhere.

But then I remembered that there is more to life than communicating on the Internet.   Perhaps I was curious to see what my life might be like if I were to finish out my Promise having no Internet at home so as to be more open to more authentic life experiences.

To do this would be like trading reflective writing for reflective prayer.  And, as I prepare for June 22, what could be more appropriate than for God to strip me of my selfishness and prepare my heart by this?

And so, when the technician rudely hung up on me (which I think she did because she saw no other way out of our time together), I decided that I should, could, and would go without.

So...gasp!...I will have no Internet connection.  My home will be a veritable demilitarized zone, where the airwaves are empty...and where peace and quiet reigns.

If I blog, it will be because I've already prayed.  And if I'm on Facebook, it's because I'm also visiting my parents' house...and that is it. 

...for now.  :)