Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Beware of Loitering Food

There's a surprising number of food items that scatter themselves around my neighborhood.

Who knew?

For instance, in my backyard, Macy and I encountered a complete bagel, its two halves held together by a delicious layer of cream cheese.

This past winter, we saw a slice of cheese pizza, hanging out on the side of a snow bank.  And yes, Macy ate it before I could stop her!

Three days ago, there sat on the side of the road a bowl of soup, kept warm by the sunshine, a plastic spoon conveniently in it, all ready to be enjoyed.

Beverages usually abound, of course, most often in the form of plastic bottles that are partially filled with soda or water. 

Yesterday, we found a chicken thigh with barbecue sauce, hanging out at the base of a tree.

And today we encountered a fully-intact banana nut muffin.  Macy spotted it hiding between two parked cars.

Macy, of course, is thrilled when we encounter these food items, and she eats them up with glee.  By the time I have noticed the food item, it is usually already too late, for Macy's mouth scoops it up in a heartbeat.

The quantity and frequency of these food encounters is what astouds me.  I would have never known that loitering food was so prevalant in my neighborhood, if it weren't for having a dog to walk!