Thursday, May 20, 2010

Having Dinner for Breakfast

Last night I went out so early and got home so late that I never had time to eat dinner. 

This made me sad because I had a delicious, home-made sloppy joe sandwich sitting around, just waiting for me to feast on it!

I crashed into bed around 12:30 this morning, had pleasant dreams about my little sandwich all night, and decided this morning--after my awakening walk with Macy--that I ought to break the breakfast rules and disrespect lunch altogether by going directly to dinner.

My dog Macy looked quite confused as she saw me preparing a side salad with croutons instead of my usual oatmeal.  Rather than pouring orange juice into a cozy mug, I filled a tall glass with ice cubes and iced tea.  As the aroma of the cooking meat filled the kitchen and since the sun was already well up into the sky (as it is on these beautiful Spring mornings), I, too, began to feel like my day had just ended instead of having it just begin.

So, rather than wait to give Macy her evening cookie, I decided to please her sweet tooth early.  This surprise filled her with instant joy, and she literally ran upstairs and then back again (to thank me once more) before she finally settled down to enjoy it.

All this made for a delightful new way to begin my day.  Thank you, God, for the taste of variety.  :)