Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sertoma Chicken BBQ

So I forgot to tell you, dear reader, that on Saturday I went to the world's largest chicken barbecue! 

The Sertoma Club serves it up in Long's Park every May.  I've always wanted to go, for the billowing clouds coming off the massive grills usually make the entire county salivate, whether you live nearby or not!

Since this event draws thousands of people each year, my friends and I decided to meet at the most eye-catching place: in front of the giant Turkey Hill cow.  :)

My friend Chris had driven my dog Macy and me, and--once there--we met up with Thomas, Andy, Maria, Heather, and Joe.

If you've never experienced this social and edible phenomenon, allow me to explain to you the procedure! 

After waiting in line to enter the park...and after waiting in line to find a parking spot...and after waiting in line to obtain a ticket...and then waiting in line to obtain a box of get to feast on a whole half-chicken, plus potato chips, a biscuit, a cup of raspberry ice cream, lemonade, a few bite-sized chocolates, a somewhat random (and not-yet-ripe) banana, and only one measly napkin,  which will be completely soaked the moment a bit of chicken grease hits it.

The meal comes housed in a utilitarian cardboard box, its sturdy sides allowing you to stack several upon one another, as Joe did when he offered to clean up after the whole lot of us.

Then we all walked Macy around the pond and toward the petting zoo before saying our good-byes. 

It was a great way to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon!