Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hydroplaning on the Track Pad

Yesterday after school,  I was doing a lot of hydroplaning on the track pad.

It's a very risky sport to partake in because you do lose control as you lift off the surface due to water tension.

But before you put the finishing touches of your vision of me speeding around in some Tokyo Drift-style vehicle on a slippery road, allow me to clarify.

My only track pad is the one on my laptop, the little square surface on which my fingers move around the mouse on my screen.

And the tears I cried last night inconveniently fell directly on the track pad, causing my fingers to hydroplane out of control.

Hydroplaning on a track pad is a very dangerous sport.  The unpredictable and wild moves of your cursor make Internet navigation nearly impossible.  If I didn't die from electrocution, at least the risk of inadvertently clicking on a link to an inappropriate website was greater, thus putting my entirely livelihood on the line, for this is my work computer, after all!

The lesson I learned is that--if you're going to cry your eyes out--at least do it when you're nowhere near your track pad.