Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Being the New Girl on the Block

It's hard to make new friends when you're the new girl in the neighborhood, isn't it?

The process takes longer than one would imagine, I suppose.

Even though she's been living with me since December, my dear MacyBottom seems to be having difficulty making friends.

In particular, Macy has an interest in bunnies and squirrels.  She wants soooo badly to have one as a friend.

Every day on our walks, she tries very hard to introduce herself to them, as she is attempting to do in this picture.  Can you see the little gray squirrel, hugging the tree?

And while they do look at her, the squirrels always scurry away, claiming they are running late.  Even the bunnies seem to always be in a rush.   It makes my Macy rather sad.

I suppose they do not want to play with a dog, but poor Macy cannot understand why.  I have suggested that she befriend some of the other dogs in the neighborhood, but she is much more interested in bunnies and squirrels!

It must be that motherly heart of hers.  She's drawn to the small, fuzzy creature, perhaps because they remind her so much of the pups she used to care for in her "career" as a breeding dog.  Or, perhaps it is that she wants to have a pet of her own to love, just as I have her to love.

Either way, I hope she makes a friend with one of them soon.   It's hard to watch her trying so hard...but having no success.