Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saying Good-Bye to the Walls that Once Held My Memories

My beloved old classroom was recently demolished. 

One morning it was there; by the afternoon, it was no longer.

It's hard to watch something that was once so important to you (and so personal) be destroyed into pile of rubble. 

But, as St. Teresa of Avila said, "All things are passing away.  God alone is unchanging."

Sentimental as I am, I manged to save a few bricks from the old school.  I asked a construction worker who let me walk onto the demolition grounds and choose what I wanted.  I also took with me two broken pieces of my old, black chalkboards.  I use the smallest piece as a paperweight on my new teacher desk.  On the large piece of chalkboard, I have written my name and new room number on it.  This and the few bricks I saved sit atop my new classroom's cabinets as an honor to the past.

From 2001-2004, I taught in Room C3. 

From 2004-2005, I taught in Room A099 which was right next to the school library.

And from 2005-2010, I taught in Room A103.  This was the very best room of them all, for it was closest to the faculty entrance, copy machine, telephone, mini-refrigerator, coffee machine, sink, telephone, printer, and ladies' restroom. 

My beloved classroom sat predeominantly at the front of the school building, which means I got to see the yellow school busses pull up at the end of the day, and those who were outside would always see my room first as they approached the main entrance.

I will miss you, old classroom.  Thank you for the memories.