Monday, May 10, 2010

This is where I'll be saying my night prayers...

Tonight Macy led me to THIS location on our nighttime walk.   Can you believe it?

In my human weakness, I needed a DOG to prompt me to visit this very beautiful place.  Why hadn't I gone to visit the church across the street at nighttime before?  I've always wanted to but managed to find an excuse every time.  I was either too busy or too afraid that someone would accuse me of trespassing.  Such trivialities!

Macy and I had departed from the kitchen door tonight, as we always do, but this time she didn't want to go to the right and walk toward the pasture.  Nor did she want to walk down the front street.  Instead, she wanted to go see our neighbor, Jesus.  She tugged gently at the leash until I followed her across the street toward the church.

All the neighboring houses were completely dark, for when it's close to Midnight, just about everyone has gone to bed.  But God's house was illuminated, and so she and I sat down on the grass right in front of it.  And I said a little prayer.  Then I snapped this photograph with my phone.

When the world is completely silent...when you have this majestic view of God's house in front of you...and when your trusty dog is laying by your side on a cool, almost Summer night, how can you NOT praise God?  And He resides on just the other side of this wall that I'm looking at!  Incredible!

What Macy helped me to encounter tonight was a tremendous gift, one that has been waiting for me for 9 months, sitting here for me to unwrap and enjoy -- and yet I never did before tonight.

But, after experiencing what I did this evening, I know that this gift--this precious gift of living next to Jesus--is mine to experience, to savor, to enjoy.

Macy and I will visit Jesus each night before bed from now on.  It's going to be absolutely marvelous!