Wednesday, May 05, 2010

THIS is the mess I found on Easter morning!

I had no idea that a golden retriever could love the Easter holiday so much.

Clearly, I underestimated my beloved Macy!

On Easter morning, as I was rushing around, getting dressed up to attend Mass at my Grandmother's parish with my extended family, my eyes suddenly went to the corner of my livingroom.

Oh, no.

In the corner, I had stashed two Easter baskets full of plastic eggs.  They had been sitting on the piano bench for a while, but I had sat down to play the piano the night before, and to the corner they went.

My sweet Macybaby must have figured that I had set out not one but TWO Easter baskets for her!  And, unbeknown to me, she had spent her first waking moments that morning excitedly opening up each Easter egg in the hopes of finding something special inside.

Can you believe it?

At first, I was devastated to see that many of the plastic eggs had been broken and cracked by her powerful chompers.

Then I became delightfully humored by her obvious determination, reminiscent only to that of human children who often tear into their Easter egg baskets with the same ferocity!

And, lastly, I began to feel guilty that not a single egg contained anything of value.  There were no jelly beans or candies, no bouncy balls or jaxx, no coins and certainly no dog treats.

What a disappointing Easter this must have been for my Macybaby!

It was our first holiday together (for St. Valentine's Day was suppressed this year), and I had clearly dropped the ball.  I'm sorry, Macy.  I will do better to remember you at the next important holiday, which will be your BIRTHDAY!