Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Celebrity Spotting: Are These Two Dating?

Associated Press (AP) -- Last week, the lead singer of A Mirror Darkly caused quite a stir in the music industry when she was caught by photographers hanging out with a graphic designer from MTV at the celebrity hot spot, Fenz.

Now that her Marian Promise is over, could she be dating this guy?

Mikhail Galustov, a photographer for Rolling Stone magazine, snapped this candid photograph (which, unfortunately, looks rather posed).

"We're just friends," Lisa Lynne Catherine clarified.  "Our dinner out was merely to discuss our band's first music video."

So what, then, was the shiny bling on her ring finger?

"This?!"  Lisa asked in surprise.  "Oh, that's just a piece of glitter," she explained, as she brushed it away.  "I was decorating a homemade birthday card for Mom earlier today."

Her dinner companion was the newly hired James Rudy, who traveled to Lancaster from the MTV headquarters in Times Square, New York for this preliminary consultation.

He gushed, "The music video will be phenomenal.  Stay tuned."