Tuesday, June 29, 2010

School's Out for the Summer :)

On the last day of every school year, I have this little tradition that I do.  I hand to each student a tiny plastic glow-in-the-dark star.  I pull down the window shades and turn off the lights, and our classroom becomes illuminated by individual stars, glowing in the hands of each student that I've influenced.

Then I turn on the antiqued overhead projector, and this lights up a portion of the room so that we can at least see each other.  On it I place a copy of a poem that I have written for them, and it goes like this:

Where in life you may go,
it matter not how far.
To me who has known you,
you are a special star.

Shoot for the moon.
Aim high, toward Mars.
‘Cause even if you miss,
You’ll land among the stars.

Let the sky be your limit.
May your feet be on firm ground.
Always be the kind of person
Others want to be around.

Let the mountains be no obstacle.
Let the seas be swept aside.
If life should give you disappointments,
It’s them you’ll take in stride.

May you be a beacon of light shining.
Know your future is strong and bright.
May you achieve the things you hope for,
And have a life of sheer delight.

Though our paths are now leading us
In different ways, it seems,
Believe this little star is magic;
It will help achieve your dreams!

Keep it handy,
Where you’ll see it each day and night.
May it remind you that your ambition
Can soar higher than a kite!

You’ll know when you see
its glowing light beams.
Yes, this little star is magic;
now go achieve your dreams!

I looooove teaching.  I love the students.  I love mathematics.  And I looooove Summer vacation!!