Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reading the Script


The main female character in this play will witness the joys and sorrows of many people's lives.  Unlike the characters of most plays who cannot see out of the scene in which they are scripted, she is well aware that her life is that of an actress in a piece written by a Playwright who has cast her to be the protagonist.  This awareness will increase as the play continues, and her natural feelings of jealousy toward others' roles will temper as she realizes that these lines are merely that of minor characters who will not be cast into every scene.  From this, the actress' character will develop into having the firm belief that everything written into the script is entirely for her benefit.  Everything that is about her will be perceived as a gift, including when minor characters enter and exit the stage.  She will trust everything to the Playwright, believing that the audience for which He wrote it will be pleased only to watch and love her.

The main actress is me.
My Playwright is God.