Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to Pick a Tour Bus!

Oh, the trials and tribulations of being in a band!

Decisions, decisions. 

Soon we must decide on our Summer tour bus!  :)

Choice A is a white Ford van from 2003.  It's an E Series that's selling from the original owner for $3,500.  It has 159,000 miles on it and already has, apparently, some experience carting around band members and their equipment.  How coincidental!

The seats come out, and--if we pack things tightly--we should be able to get all our equipment into it, plus the driver.  :)

Choice B is a luxury coach with plenty of storage for equipment underneath and also in the back end.  It sleeps 8 people, has a kitchen with a small stove and mini-fridge, and it even has a living room area with couch-like seats and a table that looks like it should be in a dining room.  The price tag is too great to mention.  We would break even only if we went platinum.

Goodness, I can't decide!