Sunday, July 11, 2010

How Happy I Feel :)

Dear Reader!  Forgive me for not writing more often!  I have been craving to write to you, actually, because I want to share with you all the memories that are being created in this beautiful Summer, which is--so far--my absolute favorite Summer ever. 

These pictures do truly capture how joyful I feel!

I have not taken a job this Summer, other than the occasional private tutoring lesson; and so, my time is merely a balance of fun social calls, a few hours of volunteer work at the church across the street, daily Mass, lazy afternoons beside my dog, and--most excitedly--band practice.

At age 31, a girl tends to think that her best Summer ever must have surely passed her by, and yet God surprised me by giving me this one to top all the others!  Unbelievable!

God has been so surprising and generous with His gifts lately.  I truly am left marveling at Him, with my little jaw dropped in surprise.  He has brought so many beautiful people into my life lately, their arms full with talents, gifts, and blessings.  And, most joyously, so many of them are in this same state of life as I am: single...but full of love for God and living for Him.  I am not alone!

Interestingly, I have no desire to travel this Summer, unlike previous ones.  There is so much beauty and happiness right here before me, that I don't want to step foot off my lawn, lest I should miss out on something great that's unfolding and blooming before me. 

My Prayer Room has been filling with people each night, and the door of my refrigerator has been swinging open and closed as often as my house door.  Weis Markets has been loving me lately for all the money I keep giving them!

I am making memories here.  Thank you, God, for fully restoring my happiness, surrounding me with a huge pack of friends, and making the Summer of 2010 an unforgettable one!

♥ Lisa