Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sprouting New Life

Last night, when I went to brush my teeth, I noticed a little green plant growing out of the bathroom sink drain, quietly and gently making its debut into the world.

How delightful and surprising!

So I pulled on it.

And pulled, and pulled, and pulled.

It had a long root and an even longer stem, which supported its tiny leaves, and--at the bottom--I could see that it had hatched from one of my beloved doves' seeds.

This little guy has triumphed over so much inconvenience--hot water, toothpaste, soap suds, mouthwash, fluoride treatment, and even bleach (when I cleaned the bathroom the other day).

How could I let his inconvenient placement stop all that which he has overcome and achieved?

So I re-potted him.

And I put the tiny pot proudly on my windowsill.

We'll see what he grows into!